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General Information

Morecambe Bay Recreational Boating

I am writing on behalf of ABPmer. We are a marine consultancy currently producing an Environmental Impact Assessment for National Grid on the North West Coast Connections project.

Detailed information on this project can be found at this website .

This project is currently undergoing a consultation process.  We are particularly looking at a ‘islet’ within Morecambe Bay and your details have been passed on to me due to your involvement with the Morecambe Bay Sailing Association which I understand has members from other local sailing and boating clubs.

I am specifically dealing with marine socio-economics which includes an assessment on commercial and recreational users. I would therefore be keen to get any further information on  any activities you Morecambe Bay Sailing Association undertake in the areas that potentially overlaps with this project. I’m particularly interested in anyone who operates within the ‘nearfield study area’ on this attached figure. Do you use this area?