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General Information

Club History

Barrow Sailing Club the story so far (R4).

From a Whittakers Almanac of 1893 it shows a Royal Barrow Yacht Club existed which had been established in 1871 with an Admiralty Warrant bestowed in 1872, The Duke of Buccleuch being the Commodore in 1893, There is also reference to a clubhouse which I understand was a room in the Custom House in Barrow-in-Furness, the station was Piel Harbour.

On completion of the new clubhouse a large flag from this era was presented to the club by Anton Allen.

The formation of Barrow Sailing Club took place in 1906 and we understand the original members were a group of people who left Barrow Yacht Club (Barrow Island) and started using Ferry Beach and required their own club.

About this time the New Walney Toll Bridge was being erected with the subsequent removal of the Steam Ferry, Walney Bridge subsequently had the toll removed and was renamed Jubilee Bridge in 1935 by the Queen Mother.

A Mr Strong must have held the tenancy for the redundant Ferry Buildings from the Furness Railway Company as the Club rented the Waiting Room from him for use as a clubroom and subsequently in 1918 rented the Ticket Office as well, and in 1919 the Furness Railway Company gave the tenancy of the Waiting Room and Ticket Office and Ramp to B.S.C.

Ultimately the tenancy of the buildings was transferred to individual members for use as stores and in 1981 on the club purchasing all the land at Ferry Beach these building were removed from Ferry Beach to be rebuilt at the Steamboat museum at Windermere.

The timber Clubhouse which was previously named Jubilee Store was probably named after Queen Victoria's Jubilee and as Queen Victoria came to the throne on the 20th June 1837 and was crowned 28th June 1838 if you add 50 years for the Jubilee then it becomes logical to think that the building was erected around 1888.?.