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General Information

Club History

I have been told that as the Queen was in mourning the Jubilee was held after 60 years therefore the building may have been built in 1897?


The occupier of Jubilee Store Mr H. Costly offered the timber clubhouse to club members in 1921 at a rental of £12 per annum probably the first floor only

However the building must have been sold to a Mr Strong because as at a meeting in September 1928 it was proposed by Mr N. Welch seconded by Mr F. Rollinson that the sum of £5 is sent to Mrs. Strong as a deposit to secure the purchase of the building.

At a meeting on March 12th 1929 it was recorded that no building society would consider lending money on a wooden building and the Secretary reported of an interview with the manager of Martins Bank whom had agreed to an overdraught of £100 for the clubhouse providing Guarantors were found.

The meeting agreed that their should be a minimum of 20 Guarantors and Mr H. Orrell Proposed and Mr J. Rowe Seconded that the Secretary goes to Fleetwood to see Mrs Strong and complete the purchase of the timber clubhouse for £100.

It would appear that Guarantors were found offering to guarantee the sum of £5-00 each and they were Messrs. G. Barnes, J. Charnley, R. Costley, H. Fairbridge, W. Graham, J. Hall, J. Harper, E. Harwood, T. Hunter, J. Ingram, T. Knowles, T. Little, H. Orrell, A. Pratt, F. Rollinson, W. Rollinson , J. Rowe, W Jarvis, J Tomlinson, and J.N. Welch.

It would appear that from the minutes of a Special General Meeting on the 23 Aug 1933 that the overdraft was not being honored at Martins Bank and the bank demanded that the overdraft sum of £96-15 s-7 pence be paid in full.

From this meeting Mr J. Charnley and Mr H. Orrell (Sen) promised the sum of £20 each followed Mr J. Ingram giving £2-5 shillings with R. Costley H. Fairbridge J. Hall J. Harper E. Harwood T. Hunter W. Jarvis T. Knowles H. Orrell (Jun) A. Pratt W. Purslow F. Rollinson W. Rollinson and J. Rowe promising 1 shilling and six pence per week.

In 1940 some Guarantors had been repaid their money however in 1941 Mr. F. Rollinson waived his claim to reimbursement on condition that his membership continued whilst working in Africa.