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General Information

Club History

In the post war years members became more active with some yacht racing returning, several members built Cadet Dinghies which were raced mainly in the evenings.


Ship lifeboats were available from Wards the Shipbreakers at £1-00 per foot and several were ultimately converted however many of the original purchasers never completed the project or used the boat.

In those days members that could do the best work had the best boats as new timber boats were virtually out of the question and the quality of boats took a leap forward on Mr. S. Cain introducing a new G.R.P Hurley 22 Yacht called Dinah 2 to Ferry Beach.

This was greatly admired and much envied and people’s attitudes began to change towards the G.R.P. boats that have become the norm with wooden boats in decline.

Around about the late 60s early 70s a junior section was formed with Alan Lockett, Robert Fosyth and Jack Clark together with there spouses organizing events and provided hospitality, Various money making events were held and ultimately a Daily Mirror dinghy kit was purchased and assembled, M. Ward provided a sailing dinghy and other children’s parents providing there own.

Many races were held and it proved to be a success however the limitations on facilities including berthing facilities for dinghies was a problem.

Several of those children that came to the Junior Section are still into boating (IE) John Cleasby became the Piel Island Ferry Boat Operator, Darren Thompson professional yacht skipper in the Caribbean, Lee Simpson Fisherman, Sharon Galloway nee Forsyth and has taken an active roll in the social life of the club.

Interest in revitalizing a Junior Section was reconsidered in the early 2000s however numerous obstacles shelved the idea

The Docks Board which had various titles owned the land and foreshore at Ferry Beach and intended to impose severe rent increases.