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General Information

Club History

At a special meeting on the 25th August 1969 the land purchase was discussed and it was agreed that F.J. Harris S. Cain S. Rowe and C. Park would attend a meeting with Mr. A. Booth M.P for his advice.


From this meeting a further meeting was arranged and on the 25th September 1969 where G. Hall F.J. Harris and C.Park discussed the issue with docks board officials.

During this period Mr. F. J. Harris, and Mr. M. Raven also traveled to the London Office of the Docks Board paying there own expenses in an endeavor to negotiate the purchase of the land for the club.

From a Committee meeting 23rd October 1969 it was agreed that Mr. G. Hall approach the docks board with a view to purchasing the land, and Mr. Hampson (Solicitor) were to act on the clubs behalf.

Mr. Hampson was instructed to negotiate with the docks board up to a figure of £2000; this was followed by a letter to the docks board suggesting a valuation from the district valuer should be sought.

At a meeting on the 5th March 1970 Mr. M. Ward reported on his discussions with the Valuation Officer (Mr. Edmonson) and on the 2nd April 1970 Mr. Edmonson was instructed to approach the docks board and submit an offer on the clubs behalf.

With 26 members present at a meeting on the 9th April 1970 Mr. Ward gave a report on the progress made in the land purchase with those present unanimously agreeing to support the committees actions financially and otherwise in there efforts to purchase the land.

However on the council wishing to develop what was the Low road from Craven Park to Jubilee Bridge they proceeded to purchase a considerable area of land including Ferry Beach, Graving Dock Etc.

From a meeting of the 7th September 1972 Mr. Ward reported that the council had now agreed the purchase details from the docks board and may consider leasing or offering Ferry Beach to the Club and in 1975 Mr. Ward reported that the conveyance between the council and the docks board had still not been signed.