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General Information

Club History

In 1976 Mr. Ward wrote to the Council again and the reply was that they had no wish to sell the land but may consider a leasing arrangement and it was agreed that the clubs representatives meet the Councils early February.


As no progress appears to have been made a further deputation was sent to see Mr. Parker the Councils solicitor who offered the club leasing of the land.

In 1977 Mr. Ward told of the many times he had approached the local authorities and the many setbacks he had received trying to obtain a reasonable lease for members.

So on 9th October 1979 it was proposed by Mr. G. Hall seconded by Mr. S. Rowe that the club endeavor to buy the land from the Council.

On the 7th November 1977 Mr. Ward resigned as Commodore to work overseas with Mr. Harris becoming the Commodore.

An invitation from the Amenities Committee to meet the clubs representatives Mr. Harris and Mr. Raven on the 16th December 1977 took place which was reported at the A. G. M. 8th January 1978 that a sympathetic hearing had been received and a written reply waited.

It is reported that a meeting of Mr. Harris and Mr. Raven with Mr. Fisher (Solicitor) on the 4th Sept 1978 for his advice took place and on a meeting on the 4th Oct 1979 a letter from the council was read out stating that the land was not for sale.

However from a Meeting with Mr. Harris, Mr. Garside chairman of the amenities committee had suggested that it would be beneficial if a special meeting of all users of Ferry Beach be held and that the club should seek everybody’s support in this matter.

So a meeting was called and all those present gave the Committee 100% supported in there efforts in trying to purchase the land for the Club this was then reported back to Mr. Garside who appears to have taken notice.

By this time Mr. M. Ward was due to returned from overseas and on the 3rd December 1979 Mr. Ward agreed to be co-opted onto the Committee from April 1980 and continue with the efforts for the land purchase or leasing.