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General Information

Club History

The Committee in 1980 was Commodore F. J. Harris, Vice Commodore M. Raven, Committee C. Barnard, J. Clark, L. Clark, J, Conway, P. Hall, A. Lockett, S. Rowe and C. Park Hon/Sec. with Mr. Ward being co-opted.


In 1980 the state of the land especially the access road was in a terrible state and in anticipation by the council of them becoming the landlords store occupiers were sent letters from the council informing them that they would be on a three months notice to quit.

New agreements with a three fold rent increase would be made and any failure to tidy up and maintained their stores and surrounding area in a good clean condition would result in the council doing the land maintenance with the store occupiers sent demands for the maintenance work.

Obviously when considering the amount of funding required for the land purchase the Committee required positive support and the funding had to be in place, it was put to the members that if they contributed nine/ten years store rental in advance the purchase price could be achieved.

In those days it was not obligatory to be a member of the club to use Ferry beach however in the light of the club purchasing the land almost all beach users became club members and in 1981 the membership was as follows

R.J Atkinson, DM Atkinson, L. Archer, C. Barnard, G. Barnes, J. Broadhurst, E. Broadbent, H. Broadbent, R. Brocklebank, G. Brown, R. Camaish, S. Cain, M, Casson, A. Clark, H. Clark, J. Clark, L. Clark, J. Conway, J.Costley, M.Davey, J. Davies, W. Dickinson, P. Duncan, A. Evans M. Evans M. Evans E. Flint M. Gardiner Geo.Hall Gor. Hall P. Hall G. Harper J. Harper K. Harper, F.J. Harris, P. Heavyside, J. Hollywell, B. Hucknall, R. Jackson, D. Leslie, A. Lockett, J. Lowther, J. Maddinson, D. Mulholland, M. Naylor, T. Newton, C. Nicholas, P. Oliver, C. Park, N. Pascoe ,F. Posnett, M. Raven, R. Reade, R. Riley, S. Riley, J. Ritson, J. Rollinson, F. Rollinson, A. Rowe, S. Rowe, J. Rowe, P. Shaw, D. Sloan, G. Sloan, K. Sloan, T. Smith, F. Stuchbury, A. Wade, M. Ward, E. While, F. Whitehead and O. Wood.

Although many of the above did not have stores those that did contributed on a store area basis >< X to the land purchase fund with only four not wishing to participate however adequate funds were generated to proceed with the business this of course meant that for nine years there was little store income collected.