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General Information

Club History

Mr. Ward as the chief negotiator with others canvassed councillors and ultimately the council agreed to sell the land to the club on the casting vote of the Chairwoman Mrs Leah Shuttleworth.


Within the land exchange documents it was written that the Ferry ticket office, Waiting room etc was to be repaired and preserved at the club expense however, Fortunately the Windermere Steamboat Museum took an interest in them and ultimately dismantled them piece by piece and took it all away to Windermere, However whether it was ever erected again is questionable.

On there removal five precast concrete stores were purchased and erected on the same site.

With the land purchase concluded and better security of tenure it was expected that the members would clean and tidy up their stores however a few did but the majority did very little.

It was therefore obvious that all future stores on becoming available should be purchased by the club to improve and increase the store numbers available for rental with a general demolition and program of rebuilding taking place.

As the members gave up their single stores on the embankment these were developed into the current concrete blocks stores of four.

A number of Concrete block stores were also built on the pier head however these were demolished in the council during the land exchange.

Although a small laying up facility had been provided on the site where Mr. Harris, Mr. Raven and Mr. Gardiner store had been but this was totally inadequate for members requirements and when the opportunity arose in the early 1990s for the club to obtain the stores owned by Mr. R. J. Atkinson and Mr. R. Brocklebank they were purchased by the club demolished and the site cleared, This area was then concreted over to provided a larger laying up facility, ramp, and a diesel electrically driven winch was provided which was ultimately changed to mains electricity.

On completion of this laying up facility Mr. George Hall suggested that a roadway to this laying up facility would be of benefit however this would mean two stores would have to go and three reduced in size Mr. R. Camaish agreed to part with his store and did not request another and Mr. Hollywell agreed to move into one of the new stores recently built on the pitching, The three requiring reducing were resolved as follows, Mr. S. Rowe gave up his sawmill and negotiations took place with Mr. Gor Hall.and Mr. G. Harper who agreed to a store size reduction however before the modifications could be completed Mr. Geo Hall had passed away and did not see the outcome of his suggestion.