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General Information

Club History

Early in 2010 an arsonist chose to completely destroy A. Rowes Store and a 28ft boat within together with a 26ft G R P yacht and a motor boat adjacent, and seriously damage to two stores on the embankment


Planning approval was granted for a concrete block store on this site (March 2011.)

The Following is a list of Licenses of the Ship Inn, Piel Island that may be of interest.

J. Hool 1839 Previous to Licensing Laws. (First licensed Barrow Pilot)

J. Pennington 07/09/1874 First recorded License. (Second licensed Barrow Pilot)

J. Housby 02/07/1877

E. Housby 1889 Transferred from late husband.

J. Walmsley 20/05/1889.

T. Ashburner 30/03/1894.

E. Ashburner 30/03/1907. Transferred from late husband

H. Andrews 04/03/1921. Became Council property from 01/01/1922.

H. Drummond 25/04/1922.

No tenant available

F. Bewley 04/02/1927.

W. White 04/06/1928. Assignee from Council. No tenant available.

H. Mc Dowell 24/11/1930.

E. Minton 03/02/1939.

C. Minton Transferred from late husband

W. Hackett 24/11/1947.

W. Dearn 1950.

J. Haworth 1952.

D. Rooney 1957

J. Nicholson 1964

M. Mc Keown 1970

H. Green 1971

T. Smith 1974

R. Warburton 1978

R. Scarr 1985.

S Chattaway 1987.

On R. Scarr leaving S. Chattaway became landlord living in a caravan on site and maintaining a temporary bar in the bunkhouse with the building itself receiving a complete overall and refit however this project is still not completed in 2010.

The Knighting Ceremony Commenced 1874.

Jack Clark.

Spring 2004.

R1 Autumn 2004

R2. Winter 2006

R3 Winter 2009

R4 Winter 2010/11.