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General Information


LOCATION: 54 06.581N 003 14.491W

  • Barrow Sailing Club is located in Barrow-in-Furness Cumbria.
  • The Sailing Club is situated on the mainland shore of Walney Channel.
  • Walney Channel is a stretch of water seperating Walney Island from mainland Barrow-in-Furness.
  • Walney Island is approximately 11 miles long and 11/2 miles wide it runs North to South with its West facing coastline looking out across the Irish Sea towards the Isle of Man and its East coastline forming one side of Walney Channel.
  • Walney has approximately 11,000 inhabitants and is connected to Barrow by a 1/4 mile long lifting Bridge, known as Jubilee Bridge, situated midway along the length of the Island.
  • Barrow Sailing Club is located North of Jubilee Bridge however its members keep their boats on swinging moorings both North and South of the Bridge
  • Moorings are mainly drying moorings with only a few deep water moorings
  • Walney Channel sees Spring Tides reaching 10.0m with Neaps down to 6.7m
  • Spring Tides will see the area of the Channel used by our membersfor mooring their boats virtually dry for at least 1 hour at low water
  • At high water passage under Jubilee Bridge is only possible for boats with no masts.
  • Jubliee Bridge is manned by the Local Council operatives between May and October at weekends only 2 hours either side of High Water when it can be raised on request for the safe passage of Yachts.
  • As the natural channel out into Morecambe Bay and the Irish Sea runs South most members with larger yachts moor their boats on the South side of the Bridge
  • Approximately 1/2 mile south of the Bridge at the farthest extreme of the moorings the Channel is bouyed for about 6 miles taking you past Piel Island and the South End of Walney then into Morecambe Bay and out to Lightning Knoll the last/first bouy and the Irish Sea.
  • Piel Island has a medieval Castle dating back to 1500AD and The Ship Inn the landlord of which has the title "King of Piel". Anchoring off Piel for a visit to the Island is possible but depths must be checked.There are numerous moorings in the area belonging to locals and regular visitors.
  • Exit from Walney Channel North out to the Irish Sea can only be attempted at high water springs and then only with local knowledge.
  • Passage to/from Barrow Sailing Club down Walney Channel out to Morecambe Bay will take you past parts of BAE Shipbuilders and ABP Ports
  • BAE Shipbuilders builds Nuclear Submarines and ABP's dock gates is their means of access once built into the Irish Sea.