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Race Information

2022 Race Season Welcome and Rules

Barrow Sailing Club 2022 Race Information


Welcome to the Barrow Sailing Club 2022 race season.  I will be continuing the role of race officer for the coming season.  This paper is intended to provide an overview of the season ahead.

Handicap System

We will be using the PY system for this year, this will apply to all race events.  The PY numbers will be re-calculated after 4 good performances.

Points and League Table

The 2022 Thursday evening series will continue using the same point scoring and league table presentation as stated below;

  • The series is intended to cover a total of 10 races, this will be split into two mini-series of 5 races.
  • During each race the points will be applied as follows;
    • Total number of boats racing is the maximum points you can achieve for winning, e.g. 5 boats race, 5 points awarded to the winner, with second receiving 4 and so on to last place receiving 1 point.  You must finish to be awarded points.
  • These results will be entered into a league table and after completion of the first 5 races, the league will be frozen.  A new league will start for the remaining 5 races.
  • A total of 4 races per series will be used to calculate the placings, so if 5 races were actually raced your worst race result would be discarded.  This system allows us for not completing all 5 races and caters for people that miss a race due to other commitments.
  • If at the end of any series there is a tie on points the following will apply (in this order);
    • Total number of wins in the series, if tied
    • Total number of seconds in the series, if tied
    • Boat that claimed the first win in that series
  • We will measure an overall league to see who retains the overall top-spot after the season is complete
  • All race results and league information will be updated on the club website
  • We will be awarding the following Thursday Evening Series trophies
    • Series 1 winner
    • Series 2 winner
  • On race nights, the Race Officer or his appointed deputy will start the race at the agreed time
  • Any change of course during the race will come from the Race Officer (or appointed deputy) only, and will be transmitted on channel 72.  Please do not rely on phone calls, texts, shouting etc.
  • All other rules are unchanged from the 2019 season

Let’s hope we all have a great season, if anybody has any questions please ask, I will be more than happy to help.


Darren Cavan

Race Officer

Barrow Sailing Club