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The Racing Fleet

Parker 325 - Boadicea

The Parker 325 was originally designed in 1993/94.  The design was a development of the 1987 Tony Castro designed Parker 31. The baseplate of the wing keel has over a ton of lead installed.  With the keel fully extended the boat has a draught of 6' 2".  The boat offers excellent sailing performance plus the ability to use drying moorings. The keel is hydraulically raised and lowered via an electric push button.  As with all Parker yachts, the build and fit-out quality is high. Parker 325s were built from 1993 to 2000. From 2000 to 2009, when Parkers ceased trading, the model was changed to the Parker 335, which used an identical hull, with minor variations in fit-out.

The Parker 325 is a fast modern yacht with a unique lifting wing keel, allowing drying out in comfort and use of cheaper drying moorings. Although definitely at the lighter, faster end of the cruiser-racer spectrum, she has a very comfortable and well-fitted cruising interior, though it is not as large an interior as on many more "mainstream" boats.

Parker 325 Stats

Builder: Parker Yachts. Boston, Lincolnshire

Length: OA 33' 6"

Sail Area: 550 sq ft

Length: WL 28' 8"

Rig: Fractional sloop

Beam: 10' 6"

Cabins: 3

Draught: 2' 1" to 6' 2" keel down

Berths: 6

Displacement: 7,800 lbs

Engine type: Yanmar 2GM diesel

Ballast: 2,650 lbs

Engine bhp: 18

Keel type:  Lifting wing keel

Boadicea: Sailing Achievements